Virginia Scoring vs Boone and Crockett

One of the most controversial topics in the Virginia whitetail woods is how our deer are “officially” scored. Virginia’s “official” scoring system is the Virginia Scoring System, also referred to as VPSA scoring. All Virginia state records for deer, turkey, and bear are all determined by Virginia Scoring, not Boone and Crockett like most other states. Just a little background, Virginia scoring was developed by George Johnson in 1945 prior to the development of the Boone and Crockett system. One of the biggest differences between the two systems is the use of “typical” and “non-typical” categories. Boone and Crockett classifies bucks into these two categories based on the rack’s symmetry, Virginia Scoring does not. Other differences include use of the outside beam measured and use of tip-to-tip measurements. Virginia Scoring does not penalize for abnormal points as B&C does. Virginia Scoring favors bucks with heavy tall tines, thick bases, and “wrap around” beams. However, you do still receive half credit for any abnormal points or prongs that measure larger then 1″ that are not part of the main frame. Your tip-to -tip measurement is used to award bonus points to racks with main beams that curve inward. This bonus is determined by your wides spread minus your tip-to-tip measurement. Virginia Scoring does have an excess spread penalty but is only used in the rare cases where the buck’s spread exceeds the average length of its main beams.
Virginia Whitetails understands Virginia scoring is the “official” scoring for our records, however you will often see bucks on our pages using their B&C score, Our mission is to put Virginia back on the big buck map and show the true potential you have hunting our state has to harvest a trophy whitetail of a life time. Our fans not only consist of Virginia hunters, but also many other states across America and other countries worldwide. Many of these people don’t understand, or never heard of Virginia scoring. To compare our whitetails with other states, they have to be scored on the same scoring system. We will post both scores if they are available.